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[ft-l] RE: Dan Smith

I am a day hiker and that does not include swamp wading.  However, I 
appreciate those hardy individuals who backpack and who at times must do so 
under adverse conditions. Therefore, Daryl Wells and I (Carol Ann Schiller) 
are trying very hard to post trail updates and conditions on the FT Web site 
for hikers. This procedure was approved by the map committee at the last 
state conference.  In order for this endeavor to be successful cooperation 
is needed from the FT membership especially those individuals who are out 
there hiking the trails.

At present-and this is still in the beginning stage-I contact the 15 Trail 
Coordinators via e-mail once a month and inquire as to whether there are any 
changes or updates to the trail.  Daryl has a separate page on the web for 
each of the 42 new maps that cover the through trail. Each page gives a 
description of the trail,location, some photographs, links to other sites, 
and a place for updates and conditions. I post the changes within one or two 
days of receiving them.  Anyone can send in trail conditions.  They could 
post them on the new web site message board and I would get them off that or 
write to me directly.  Trail re-routes or detours will have to be approved 
by the section leader so they will be verified before posting to the web.

If this method of advising hikers of trail conditions is successful then it 
can become a useful tool to hikers with computes or access to computers.  
They will be accustomed to going to the web site for the most current trail 
conditions and updates.

carol ann
web editor
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