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[ft-l] P.S. re Dan Smith

Before I forget, when I questioned the trail below Oasis Ranger Station, I did not, in any way, intend to malign the trail builders and maintainers.  I do work on bridge building crews and clear and maintain trail myself.  I know that this is Florida and we can expect to get wet sometime.  I do say a big "THANK YOU!!!" to everyone who gives their time and labor to the trail.

I have walked for as long as two hours in water above my knees (I'm almost 5'11"), and it wasn't too bad.  It is my understanding that the piece south of Oasis is not only really wet (I'd guess that Dan Smith is about 5'9"), but it is full of porous, holey rock that leads to some real surprises if you step into one of those holes.  If that section is no longer the official FT, I'm now wondering why Dan was hiking it.  I'll check out his answer Janaury 1. 
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