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Re: [ft-l] Dan Smith

I have lead many hikes in Big Cypress and have been in Big Cypress.  I have
taken many people into Big Cypress that were not sure about going hiking
there.  Half really enjoyed it and were hooked and a quarter did not prefer
the place but would return and the final quarter would never go back.  I
have also taken teenagers in Big Cypress.  I only had one teenager go on
the whole hike from Oasis to SR84.  But I have had kids on day hikes and
overnight trips.  The only teenager that I took all the way from US41 to SR
84 was Frank Gagliano (He was in his early teens then).  He did very good.
But, I did warn his father, Joe, that the trip would be very hard for
Frank.  After the trip, Franks father said that he was glad that I
emphasized how tough the trip would be for Frank.  But, Frank had been out
in the Everglades before and his father was experienced in hiking in Big
Cypress.  So, anyone going to Big Cypress should go first for a day hike or
just overnight first.  The Big Cypress section is not for everyone.

Daryl Wells

At 02:24 PM 12/26/1999 EST, Trailma@aol.com wrote:
>since there certainly seems to be serious risks involved, i agree with you
>theory since I've not hiked there.  I certainly would not take that lower 
>segment especially since my teenage daughter is my favorite hiking partner.
>just puttin' in my 2 cents worth,
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