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[ft-l] wed. work hike

dot morrison & i went on ed wolcott's work hike yesterday on the suwannee.
i don't have to tell you how beautiful the weather was.  we worked on the
4.5 miles of trail east of the new swift creek bridge.  it hadn't been done
since '98 when el niņo set sail the old bridge.   it was mighty rough going
......lots of palmeadows, but of course, ed did the slinging and chopping.
it was a long day as work hikes go but it surely was not hot.  dick, from
tampa, was there besides the three of us.  along the way, ed pointed out
(and we stopped at) an old indian site, a flint factory where the seminoles
once made arrowheads.  it is now exposed out in the river due to low water.
i remembered seeing it by boat but it was just another big rocky place to
dodge.  i was looking for fossils but hurried by dot, the paintmistress.
she kept saying that it was time to go.  then she found this incredible
sea-urchin fossil.  she kept saying to go.  i kept saying not till i find a
comparable fossil.  go - no - go - no - go- no - till FINALLY she GAVE it
to me and we left. we will stop there from now on & check for arrowheads &
fossils when the water is low, by boat or by trail.  i probably will not
find a better fossil, though.

rich, let me know if you need this to be made suitably entertaining for the
newsletter.  i can make up stuff to add.  you know you can always count on
me to spin a yarn.

Never knock on Death's door.
 Ring the doorbell and run.
 ( He hates that ! )

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