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Re: [ft-l] 99-2000 Hunting Season Dates

Hi Jeff,

Check out my website at  http://www.xtalwind.net/~kclamer/hunt.html for hunt
dates around the Citrus County Area. I obtained my dates from the individual
brochures in our area from Fish and Game.

If you come up with something better, let me know.


Jeff Walters wrote:

> Does anyone have a good source for the 99-2000 hunting season dates?  I
> would like to plan my hiking this winter around the general gun season if
> possible. :)
> I've been able to find this page from the Florida Fish and Wildlife
> Conservation Commission, http://www.state.fl.us/fwc/hunting/seasons-99.html
> ,but that's about all I can find.  Where did "we" get that information last
> year???
> Happy Trails,
> Jeff Walters
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