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Re: [ft-l] Re: Hunt Dates

I've been doing a little research on hunting regs in the WMA's for FTA.  I had ocassion to talk with FWC and here is a little tip for you.  To see whether you have access to a WMA during hunting season (not camping, but permission to hike across the property - a few close to non-hunters), check the Fishing and Frogging sections.  If they allow fishing and/or frogging in the WMA during hunting season that all non-hunters are allowed in, at least during day-light hours. For camping check the Camping section (duh!)  Click the "MAP" at the bottom of the regs page and you may find the hunt camp locations marked (some are not marked and some have no camps). This will give you an idea of whether the campsite is close to the FT or not.  Some maps even have the FT indicated, although most do not.  That's something we are working on to get into next year's regs.
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Subject: [ft-l] Re: Hunt Dates

Jeff asked if there was a way to get better info on hunting dates. 
There is and you were very close Jeff with the web site you listed.  What one has to do is know the Wildlife Management Area that a particular trail will go through.  For instance the Ellaville Trail-Section 19 is in the Twin Rivers Wildlife Management Area.  On the Florida Wildlife Commission website which is http://www.state.fl.us/fwc one has to go to hunting, then to 1999-2000 Wildlife Area Regulations-htlm or pdf format, then to region then to the specific wildlife management area.   For Twin Rivers this would be http://www.state.fl.us/fwc/hunting/wmas/ne/twinrivers.html
By the way the new maps are in the hands of the printer and should be available soon. FTA will be doing a special mailout to members to give them ordering information.  All maps will be ordered from the printer.
Carol Ann