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Re: [ft-l] Potts WMA excursion

Hello ft-l list,
	A few days ago I described a walk through part of Potts Wildlife
Management Area. If anyone would like a tour of parts of the property, I
would be happy to serve as guide on a Sunday morning. The east side of the
property follows the Withlacoochee River and allows for hikes of various
lengths from 4 - 12 miles. At this time of year shorter hikes are in order.
Later in the year, after the heat of summer has passed, hiking through the
western part of the property offers 10 - 14 miles in loop hikes and a
perimeter loop hike is in the range of 16 - 18 miles.
	The only caution is that at this time of year the biting flies are
pesky, so you should be prepared to do battle with them. I've found that
*Deep Woods Off* is fairly effective if re-applied regularly. I also carry
a mosquito/beekeeper's hood with me for especially bad days.
	If interested, reply to me at:


- Carl Strohmenger

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