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[ft-l] Upper Withlacoochee Paddle

Well, paddle worthies, if you weren't there, you really missed
it.  (Except for 2T: good call, 2T.  I was wrong.  You & Ed.
wouldn't have gotten back into Gainesville till nearly 7P.M.).
We had eight or ten kayaks and two canoes in the group.  We
Silent Otters joined a published Florida Trail outing hosted by
Elizabeth van Mierop.  We were about half & half; many
of us members of both groups.

The (Georgia) Withlacoochee is running clear and cold and
beautiful.  We put in at Madison Blue Spring & took out at
Suwannee River State Park where the Withlacoochee meets
the Suwannee.  There were beautiful limestone banks ........just
enough springs to keep the weather nice, and about four
sets of exposed shoals.  The shoals were low enough to make
a good call and fast enough to be fun, fun, fun.  There were a
couple of john boat fishermen, but it was too rocky for real
power boating.   FTML:  No heat exhaustion, chiggers, ticks,
deer flies, yellow flies, horseflies, sand gnats or no-see-ums : )
We could have used a longer day, i.e., earlier start.

If you missed it this time, try to catch the next Withlacoochee
show.........we're going baaaaack.  Aren't we, Elizabeth?
Except for that >one little thing<, the day was a keeper.
Oh yes, and that  >other<  thing     :O


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