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Re: [ft-l] Floridians to Trail Days

In a message dated 5/11/99, 11:29:38 AM, ft-l@backcountry.net writes:
<< Solar Bear may be planning to go.>>

Yes I am!  And excited too!  But flying in, so can't help with the logistics.

Anyway, the last time I met up with these thruhikers it was at the Gathering 
last October and I wrote a poem about the experience.  Let me pull it out of 
the archives here -- choke! choke! -- the dust!

Part 1

I heard about a little Gathering
The hiker babes would all be there
Well that's where I must go then
So I called Delta and went by air.

Got picked up at the airport
By that 2000 thruhiker duo
The at-l's Redhead and Patty
Off to Pipestem we did go

On the way we stopped at Shoney's
Lunch with new friends was nice
We made it a habit on Sunday
Because we stopped there twice

We got to Pipestem finally
And missed the sign that said one way
So Patty had to turn around
Before we could find a place to stay.

Then we got to register
And met the Bleeder Guy
Saw the 50th Anniversary T-shirt
Just something I had to buy.

Then off to find a campsite
The listers were nearby
Got to find those hiker babes
Or else I will just die!

Wow!  It's like a dream
Babes are everywhere
Oh yeah, some guys too
Like I'm supposed to care!

The first hug went to Kahley
Who didn't bring her dog
Then off to hug more babes
Sandpiper and Leapfrog.

Sandpiper is a cherub
Too sweet to grace this crowd
But when she unveiled that tutu
Everyone started getting loud.

The cameras were all ready
It was my moment of truth
I'd have to make a fool of myself
Anything else would be uncouth.

Did it have to be pink
With roses on the waistband?
You did a great job, Amy
For this you deserve a hand.

It's lucky I don't drink
For I think I'd need a stiff one
But finally I decided to do it
Couldn't deprive the crowd its fun.

They say everyone gets
Their fifteen minutes of fame
This was mine and if you missed it
It is a crying shame!

But pictures captured the moment
And soon they'll be posted for all to see
The most ridiculous hiker ever
A pink tutued little ol' me!

Part 2

If you made it thru part 1
You'd know I'd only begun
To tell my tale, it's true
Of me and my pink tutu.

But now the scene shifts
To those hiking femmes fatales
Who define natural beauty
As they hike our grand trails.

There's the babe I can't name
Because safety is to blame
She's a gun totin' mama
Who'll attain thruhiking fame.

Her hero is Wingfoot
Who spares her no advice
Such as letting her know
That she is just a novice.

Whether she's armed or not
She can yogi her way
From Georgia to Maine
Like it's child's play.

She gives the homophobes gray hairs
Will their bigotry ever end?
Their concern's shortsighted and misplaced
Because KC's just a great friend.

How's this for a strange romance?
With KC wearing the pants
And me in my tutu
Makes me smile, how about you?

Earthworm is from the Panhandle
The list's own bibliophile
With that hairdo I wanted to tousle
To a less coifed hiking style.

Not much time for Solophile
But 180 told tales of her walk
I wish I had a second chance
To hug Second Chance or just talk.

Got a ride from the Solemates
But couldn't pry Cheryl from Ron
These guys just do not get it
That Solar Bear wants them gone.

And worse yet was Bald Eagle
Who sat between Ginny and me
Oh, cruel fates can't you see
That this should never be.

This couple is so cool though
That I guess I won't complain
They hike thru life's great trails
And transcend their trail names.

I'll never forget Friday night
And that incredible highlight
The spirit that shone so bright
In the song sung by our Twilight.

Got to chat with the Old Gray Goose
Saw her pics from the trail named Bruce
That warm glow and twinkle in her eye
Made her a hiker babe to this hiker guy.

Mara Factor's a six-one hiker babe
Makes me wish I didn't have to behave
She never met a hike she didn't like
But with me would a hike she crave?

Kinnicinick was there
And got to "stare at the bear"
Sally was also part of this zoo
Attracted to the bear in the pink tutu.

Had Sunday breakfast in my fleece
And had a talk with Sandy about Greece
And of writing and life's travails
Sometimes rockier than PA's trails.

Saw my bosom buddy, Bluetrail
Who once was thought my wife
'Tis a funny story to tell
And one I'll remember for life.

Gutsy stopped by for a while
With an amazing tale to tell
She climbed the Big K with Earl
And reports he's doing quite well.

Okay hiker guys, here's your turn
If I saw you here's your rhyme
In a poem you'll likely spurn
Because for you I'm clean outta time!

Some advice for the babes not named
If I missed you I hope I'm not blamed
This poem is too late to do over
So let's make a date for Hanover.

And next year you will be
In a poem written by me
For all who wish to see
And for all eternity!

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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