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Re: RE: [ft-l] Yellowstone & Bears

Jon Phipps, my signicant other, has hiked the PCT and the AT and has had 
plenty of bear sightings, but no close encounters.  He's off for a month 
doing AT maintenance with the Konnorock Krew, but I know he'd tell you to go 
for it in California.  Every bear he saw (8 along the PCT) hightailed it away 
from him.   (And I hate to say it, but he hikes alone and always slept with 
his food in his tent.  The only protective thing he was doing had more to do 
with scheduling than concern about bears.  He'd get hungry about 6:00, so 
he'd cook dinner then.  After dinner, he'd hike on for another  couple of 
hours before he made camp at last light (gets dark late in northern 
California in the summer).    

I'd have no great  worries about AT or PCT bears, but I do know that several 
generations of bears in Yosemite and Yellowstone lived out of garbage dumps 
and have gotten both used to humans and agressive.  Last summer in Yosemite 
my brother saw a car that a bear had ripped open.

I vactioned  in Wyoming in the 70's when the park service summarily bulldozed 
dirt over all the open garbage dumps.  The bears, used to eating from the 
dumps, turned to the campgrounds and the backpackers and campers and their 
food.  The rangers out there tell crazy stories about Yellowstone visitors 
feeding bears to this day.  

The more I think about it, the more I think I'll do my backpacking away from 
Yellowstone.  The scenery along the Greys is spectacular, and the bears 
aren't so used to humans.


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