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[ft-l] Making your own silk sleeping bag liner!

Silk Sleeping Bag Liner:

This is just one of the many projects I have undertaken during the last
year.  This information is also being posted on the Florida Backpacker's
Trailplace at www.iag.net/~fbt/


Making a silk sleeping bag liner is a pretty straight forward project. Start
by going to your local fabric store to buy some silk fabric. I found some at
JoAnn Etc. I found a section with "Silk Solids" for about $2.99 per yard -
72" width. If you're a small to medium size person you can probably get by
using a folded 72" width section of silk, otherwise you'll have to buy more
silk. Buy about 2 and 1/4 yards of silk, or more if you're taller. This
should cost you about $7 to $8.

Once you have bought the silk, fold it in half. With a chalk pencil or just
a pen, mark out the desired shape and then pin it up for sewing. Using the
sharpest scissors you can find, cut out your pattern. Then using some
polyester thread (if possible) sew two or three stitches into the edge of
the cut. You should now have a nice silk bag. Turn the bag inside out to
hide the stitch. Then if you want, sew back the top of the bag so the
material doesn't unravel.

The silk liner which I made ended up weighing about 4 oz. which is less than
the typical 6-7 oz. store bought silk sleeping bag liner and at a fraction
of the cost! Plus, you can't beat the fact that I found some bright green
silk! ;)

Happy Hiking,
Jeff Walters

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