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RE: [ft-l] FT Hikes & Dogs

I DO NOTallow  dogs on my hikes and I make that known to all hikers.  We
had some problems on the Big O Hike one year with a dog owner letting her
dog run loose on the dike (alligator snack food!!).  The dog was reasonably
well behaved--but the owner.....  The other problem is when you have to do
a shuttle.  Not everyone wants a dog in their car,  I certainly don't,  I
have allergies and so does my significant other.  Also, a dog in a strange
car usually crammed in with a bunch of strangers may react in a way the
owner can't predict.

I also would like to meet a dog for the first time on a
leash...unfortunately, so many dog owners don't think the leash laws apply
to THEIR dog.  And when you say something to them about this (as their dog
is growling and snapping at you), they ALWAYS say...my dog doesn't
bite...........as a former dog owner, I know ALL dogs bite, it's just a
matter of when and where.

in Sunny So FLA
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