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Re: [ft-l] Central Florida Bald Eagle sightings

Here is my favorite Bald Eagle story.  I have not seen too many Bald Eagles in
the wild, and none closer than flying high overhead, but one instance was
UNBELIEVABLE for me.  I awoke early (around 8) one Sunday morning to a bird
screeching loudly.  I had had osprey in the Norfolk Island Pines in my back
yard, but this did not sound like osprey.  I crouched down on my bed to see
out the window and to the top of the trees in the yard, and lo and behold..!
An Eagle in the tree.  I awoke my roomie, grabbed the video camera and headed
out back...quietly.  As I watched, another, larger Bald Eagle flew to the
tree, kicked the smaller one out, and proceeded to perch there.  The smaller
one decided to perch atop the smaller of the two pines, so I enjoyed them at
the closest range ever (in the wild).  I got about 30 seconds of video, and
about the only thing I said was "Holy Shit!"  

Seems like the smallest things amuse me most!  :-)

--Dust Devil
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