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[ft-l] a Brobdinagian table

>>Sandy's going to research an interesting picnic table I stopped at on my
>>Suwannee River hike two weekends ago.  It was huge, as if it was built for
>>people 8 feet tall.  I wrote a limerick about it:
>>We stopped at a Brobdinagian table
>>Created by large men out of a fable
>>I sat on the seat
>>And dangled my feet
>>The first time I've ever been able

ok, S.B.

i was told BY ELIZABETH VAN MIEROP that the gigantic picnic table was made
by the army corps of engineers "on a binge".
OR ELSE, she said,  the hunters are obviously texans & built it big because
everything's big in texas  OR, she said, maybe our own sectiion 18
(bridge-building) engineer, mr. wolcott, built it for folly so that huge
people could hike there and dangle their feet for the first time.  i think
she's jerking me around.  i'm still working on it.  i'll let you know.

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