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Re: [ft-l] "ticked off"

In a message dated 3/24/99 9:32:48 PM Eastern Standard Time,
sandy@deathsdoor.com writes:

> solar bear is mighty busy working right now.  i think he works
>  for irs

Now that's a low blow!  I'm a CPA.  I'll never work for the IRS!  I would like
to say that Swamp Lily is my kind of hiker babe though!  Great post!  Maybe we
can have some fun on this list yet!

Sandy's going to research an interesting picnic table I stopped at on my
Suwannee River hike two weekends ago.  It was huge, as if it was built for
people 8 feet tall.  I wrote a limerick about it:

We stopped at a Brobdinagian table
Created by large men out of a fable
I sat on the seat
And dangled my feet
The first time I've ever been able

Have fun until April 15th.  I'll be scarce!

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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