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Re: [ft-l] Goethe

john white & i have hiked extensively in goethe.  it is a remote and
beautiful area networked with old woods roads & logging roads which are now
designated mulit-use trails.  maps are available on the web site
please take a compass as there are frequent unmarked intersections.  also,
john keeps very, very detailed notes of all hikes and will be able to help
you decide which of the trails you'd most like to hike.  he's not online.
john white (352) 687-8139

>Just wondering if anyone knows if there are any public trails in the Goethe
>state forest near Gainesville. I've been by there many times on the way to
>Waldo and have been curious about the area.
>J Bryan Kramer
>ClubWin Team 9


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