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Backpacker magazine is doing research for an article on basecamping in 
the southeast and would like to get input about spots in Florida.

They are looking for places where a backpacker can hike in 4-10 miles 
and basecamp for 2-3 days.  Activities from basecamp should include:

* Hiking Trails
* Wildlife Observation
* Birding
* Fishing

These sites should be far enough away from heavy use that one could 
leave gear unattended while on excursions.  These sites should also have 
access to water and be able to tolerate the impact of 2-3 days of 

Please email suggestions to Liz Rusch at Backpacker Magazine

Please give a name and phone number for a subsequent interview if your 
basecamp is selected.

Please CC: the list and myself at fta@florida-trail.org on any email to 
her.  Sorry about the short notice, but the deadline is the evening of 
March 17.  Thank you for your help.

- Judy Trotta
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