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[ft-l] Suwannee Trip report preview

I spent my best weekend ever backpacking on the Florida Trail this weekend.  I
will document the details as soon as time permits, but I must say that the
Trail north of the Stephen Foster Cultural Center is "world-class, IMHO.  Is
there a conspiracy to keep this hushed up.  The elevation changes, campsites,
views, vegetation, geology all are superlative.  I've only experienced about
200 hundred miles of the FT, so maybe there are more incredible miles like
this 21 mile stretch I did.  If so, where?  Fess up.  Let's get everyone's
opinion on the best trails in Florida.  The splendor of this section exceeds
much of the AT.  I'm speechless at what I hiked through this weekend.  The
azaleas and dogwoods only added to the magic, as did the two turkeys that flew
across the river.

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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