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[ft-l] I Lost Your List!

	One of your emails about the FTA Conference had in it a list
of those at the FT-L lunch table.  I've deleted it because I printed
it out, but now I can't find the printout and I'm trying to label my
photos.  Can you re-send me the names?--in the order they sat at the
table?  In my picture, it's (left to right):

	1. ? (Mrs. Ahern??)
	2. Jeff Walters (sitting where I had been sitting)
	3. MoiraLynn Mefein (is her 1st name all one word??)
	4. Rich "Solar Bear" Evans
	5. Sandy Hubbard
	6. ? (male)
	7. ? (female)
	8. Joan "Bluetrail" Norris
	9. ? (male...Ahern??)

Thanks.  --  Earthworm

Linda L. Patton, Reference Librarian, Strozier Library, Florida State Univ.
      Tallahassee, FL 32306-2047 (850)644-5019 lpatton@mailer.fsu.edu
          "A world without wilderness is a cage." -- David Brower
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