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[ft-l] alcohol stoves, spanish helmet ovens & kahlua

jeff, i plan to make one of those stoves next week....i'll let you know how
it comes out.

also, many years ago, ( ? i could have been a child, I DON'T REMEMBER) on
an FTA backpack trip, Jean Royce ?still out there, Jean?, demonstrated a
baking device that she made with a piece of folded tin foil from her pack &
she called it a "Spanish Helmet Oven". (it looked like a silly  spanish
helmet made out of wrinkly tin foil.) she made us wonderful biscuits for
breakfast.  she gave handouts about making the oven and i didn't get one.
IF ANYBODY OUT THERE HAS ONE (handout / instructions) I WANT IT,  P L E A S
E.  I need that oven.

thank you so much.  and whoever in the calico hat was on Ken Smith's
trailbuilding in the Greenway Saturday & wants my recipe for Kahlua, this
is me.  email & send your address if you still want it.


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