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[ft-l] Homemade Stove Projects

Hello Everyone,
Ever since I got back from my last backpacking adventure (which I'll write a report soon...) I've been interested in these homemade alcohol stove projects that everyone on the other mailing lists are constantly talking about.  It's mainly because I am getting tired of the MSR Whisperlight Int. and am naturally a very lazy backpacker.  Alcohol is a simple non-explosive stove fuel.  The stoves which use alcohol (Trangia, etc.) are very easy to use and have very few breakable parts if any at all.  After I broke my MSR fuel pump on one of Joan Hobson's  100 mile trips I have been thinking about changing stoves.
I've made several with my free time.  The tools required are not expensive or can possibly be borrowed from a friend.  If you like being creative click on the following links.  These two web pages describe how to make two homemade alcohol stoves.
The first is from a scout troop leader.  The stove consist of two coke can bottoms with a Perlight fill.  Some people have reported using cotton cloth as the fill, with better results.
The second is a little more complicated, but is much stronger.  The idea was developed from another Web page, but Shane has gone to great care to detail this stove creation.
I've tried many variations and some combinations of the concepts and have found that Shane's version of an alcohol stove is easy to light and rather efficient.  Keep in mind that these are alcohol stoves, NOT WHITE GAS!!!  Using white gas in one of these stoves can and probably will cause the stove to explode!!!
Well, I hope someone finds these pages as interesting as I did.  Let "us" know if anyone tries to make one of these stoves.  Also, don't try to drink "denatured alcohol" -- it's has several toxins in it and it will not get you drunk!  Instead, it might just kill you.
Happy Trails,
Jeff Walters
Anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time.
(Steven Wright)
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