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[ft-l] Eglin AFB Reservation

Lee  I Joe just E-mailed me this information and I thought
it would be of interest to most people on the list.  Jeff.
I know you are/were on at-l where I already posted
this, but I just wanted to make sure the news about the new
proposed trail being built in the Florida Panahandle got to
you so you can post it wherever you think appropriate.
Support from hikers in the local area is always a good

The US Air Force is proposing to build approximately 50
miles of trail near the northern boundary of the Eglin AFB
Reservation from U.S. Highway 331 between Freeport and
Defuniak Springs westward to Highway 87, then south to
Navarre ending near the junction of Ten Mile Creek with
East Bay.

The trail is expected to be approximately 18 inches wide
with an additional four feet trimmed on the side to allow a
hiker to pass. The trail will be hand cleared and
footbridges will be constructed for stream crossings and
across low lying wetland areas. Seven trailheads will be
available for hikers to access and gain information about
the trail, and one campsite will be built as part of this