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Re: [ft-l] Warning: pink tutu alert!!

>It seems there is a new disease spreading in Florida along the trails.  It
>called pinktutuitis.  I guess most of you know Solar Bear has already had
>My source tells me that another one of our beloved Florida hikers has come
>down with it.  It seems Jeff Walters has been stricken with the urge to
>the aforementioned tutu.  My source tells me (and my source would never
>He thinks lying is a sin.) that Jeff was quite comfortable in the tutu.  I
>think we should all get more details from Jeff, so we can avoid this
>spreading disease!!

Ok, I'll admit it, it's true...  I was just a bit tutu curious! (no pun
intended)  But, if I remember correctly, I did walk out with a free pair of
gaiters that day. :}

P.S. - for all of those wondering...  Solar Bear wore a "pink tutu" at the
Gathering - ALDHA (Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association).
Unfortunately, I missed it because I was on a hiking trip on the AT near
Standing Indian mountain.

Does anyone still have the link to the tutu photos?


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