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[ft-l] Prairie Lakes Backpack

After thinking it over, I've decided to go to Lake Kissimmee for my all
female backpack.  I like Prairie Lakes/Three Lakes, but I don't want to
take a bunch of women into the woods where there are men running around
with bows & arrows and guns.  It's a shame that hunting has to run EVERY
weekend until Dec.  I don't dislike hunters, I just wish they would split
up the hunting season so they didn't have big blocks of time so we can't
get into these areas for months at a time.  The other problem is that it's
in ALL areas that have hunting at the same time.  So DuPuis, Corbett and
Hickory Hammock also can't be used during the same time.  It leaves only
state parks and the dike, and while they are picturesque, I'd rather be
able to hike in more picturesque areas!

in Sunny So FLA
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