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Re: [ft-l] Prainie Lakes/Three Lakes

Yur are partially correct about the pond at Dry Pond.  It often has NO
WATER, however, there is a pump, if you can get it to work.  There is also
Lake Jackson about 500 yds NW of the Dry Pond campsite. Of course you will
need to filter, boil, treat or whatever you do.
Your mileage is do-able, but more than I usually offer to novices.  I like
to smell the flowers, take photographs, take side trips after I arrive, etc.
It is only a different style.  You may want to check with the ranger about
the Backpack Parking at "2".  I thought that they had changed the plan about
that area?  I have never used it.

That is a good place to go so I am sure that you will work it out.  Let me
hear how you like it.

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