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[ft-l] Hiking boot's for FL trails

Many folks in Florida don't use boots at all.  I'd start with a good pair of
walking shoes that you may already have or can use for other than hiking.
Lots of long-distance hikers swear by New Balance because of their very
stable foot bed. I've hiked and backpacked about 600 miles of the Florida
Trail and 300 miles of the Appalachian Trail in New Balance 1121's.

If you feel like you need a little more support than a walking shoe I'd look
at the "approach" shoes.  They are cut at or below the ankles so are lighter
weight than boots, but they are sturdier than the walking shoes.  I've done
about 300 miles of the FT and 400 miles of the AT in these.

I'd suggest you try one of these options before buying heavier and more
expensive boots.


> I'm in the market for a pair of boots...mainly to be used on trails in
> Central and South Florida.  At this point we're just starting to
> camp/hike with our 3 year old son.
> Anything to look for or avoid?
> Thanks!
> Paul
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