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[ft-l] FT Companion Guide now available

I am very excited about the new guide book. Sorely needed and it will
encourage more long distance hikers to try the FT !!
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> Backpackers, long distance hikers, and folks who love data:
> The new Florida Trail Companion Guide for Long Distance Hikers is now
> available. It was a collaborative effort between Deb Blick and myself,
built on data
> gathered by Joan Hobson and Rick Guhse with a lot of new information added
> from Deb, myself, and numerous section leaders and volunteers in the
field. It
> replaces Joan and Susan's "From Here to There" and adds a lot more detail
> hikers:
> Each chapter is keyed to a Florida Trail section, with cumulative and
> point-to-point mileages within regions that correspond to where you have
to make
> decision points on a long distance hike. For instance, Region 1 covers
from Loop
> Road to John Stretch Park ... at which point you either go east (Region 2)
> west (Region 3) on the Big O ... and so on. Using the mileages you can
> out exactly how far you'll be walking on a section or thru hike and
roughly how
> long it will take you from point to point.
> Each chapter contains info on designated campsites and hiker services
> the route (in linear order, as you'd hike it), including detailed info on
> services (motels, laundry, PO, bus stations, etc) in trail towns, with
maps of each
> of the trail towns and their services.
> Front and back matter gives listings of POs, data for ECT Hikers (services
> and miles from Key West to Loop Road), info on permits required along the
> and the like.
> It's a great resource! 152 pages, spiral bound, compact in size ... $10.95
> Order via the FT online store at www.floridatrail.org
> Cheers, Sandy
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