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[ft-l] FT Companion Guide now available

Backpackers, long distance hikers, and folks who love data:

The new Florida Trail Companion Guide for Long Distance Hikers is now 
available. It was a collaborative effort between Deb Blick and myself, built on data 
gathered by Joan Hobson and Rick Guhse with a lot of new information added 
from Deb, myself, and numerous section leaders and volunteers in the field. It 
replaces Joan and Susan's "From Here to There" and adds a lot more detail for 

Each chapter is keyed to a Florida Trail section, with cumulative and 
point-to-point mileages within regions that correspond to where you have to make 
decision points on a long distance hike. For instance, Region 1 covers from Loop 
Road to John Stretch Park ... at which point you either go east (Region 2) or 
west (Region 3) on the Big O ... and so on. Using the mileages you can figure 
out exactly how far you'll be walking on a section or thru hike and roughly how 
long it will take you from point to point.

Each chapter contains info on designated campsites and hiker services along 
the route (in linear order, as you'd hike it), including detailed info on 
services (motels, laundry, PO, bus stations, etc) in trail towns, with maps of each 
of the trail towns and their services.

Front and back matter gives listings of POs, data for ECT Hikers (services 
and miles from Key West to Loop Road), info on permits required along the trail, 
and the like.

It's a great resource! 152 pages, spiral bound, compact in size ... $10.95 
Order via the FT online store at www.floridatrail.org

Cheers, Sandy