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[ft-l] no posts since the 9th

Well, Brad, that's fairly typical for FT-L.  Unlike AT-L, which sometimes g=
ets 100 or more messages in 24 hours, FT-L goes underground (kind of like t=
he Aucilla River along the FT) every now and then.

If you want more chatter, start some.  Send out a question or a trip report=
 or something.

Here's my latest discovery in the Little Big Econ Forest.  It appears that =
someone recently vandalized some cars left in the Barr Street parking corra=
l=2E  Many weekend nights there are several cars left there by people who d=
o weekend camping trips.  Last night there was a white station wagon there =
(left there since the weekend according to another hiker) with EVERY window=
 broke out and glass shards in other places too.  If anyone is thinking of =
backpacking in there, I'd advise against leaving your car at Barr Street.  =
Since I live 7 minutes from Barr Street, let me know if you need to leave y=
our car in my driveway and have me shuttle you to the trail.