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[ft-l] Cold weather hiking questions

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Ok, here's the plan:

Clothing (top) - Long underwear, fleece pullover and fleece lined Gortex
parka with hood and a balakava. (bottom) - pantyhose (or tights, thicker and
not as itchy) long underwear, fleece leggings and rainpants.  Thick,
Smartwool socks and Vasque Hiker hiking boots.  I'm borrowing fleece lined

I'm going to take extra hot food and jello, and lots of hot chocolate and
mocha cappuchino mixes.  I have a Sierra Designs 15 degree bag.  Should I get
a liner for the bag?

I really think I'll be ok.  I day hiked in 12 degree weather last Christmas
in jeans and sneakers and the above mentioned parka.

Any last suggestions?