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[ft-l] Cold weather hiking questions

So where are you hiking again?  the Yukon?

As long as the sun is shining, you will be OK.  If you're chilly, move to a
sunny area, preferably out of the wind.  You'll warm right up.  And once you
get walking, you will warm up indeed.

Happy hiking!
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> Ok, here's the plan:
> Clothing (top) - Long underwear, fleece pullover and fleece lined Gortex
> parka with hood and a balakava. (bottom) - pantyhose (or tights, thicker
> not as itchy) long underwear, fleece leggings and rainpants.  Thick,
> Smartwool socks and Vasque Hiker hiking boots.  I'm borrowing fleece lined
> gloves.
> I'm going to take extra hot food and jello, and lots of hot chocolate and
> mocha cappuchino mixes.  I have a Sierra Designs 15 degree bag.  Should I
> a liner for the bag?
> I really think I'll be ok.  I day hiked in 12 degree weather last
> in jeans and sneakers and the above mentioned parka.
> Any last suggestions?
> Kelly
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