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[ft-l] Where to Hike?

I would volunteer to shuttle on Eglin, except that I lost the transmission
in my truck two days ago and don't think it will be running again until
after Christmas.

There are only about three dozen of us that live near Eglin AFB and we
comprise the Choctawhatchee Subchapter of Western Gate. If you decide on
Eglin, let me know and I will call around and see if there is anyone else
who might be willing.

Deb is right about leaving town though...

Lee I Joe
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  No, since we are taking two trucks we don't need a shuttle.  We're leaving
one at Holton Creek and placing the other at Stephen Foster SP (our starting
point).  Then, if the weather is congenial and we want to do more miles,
we'll shift one truck around to the bottom of Twin Rivers SF or Suwannee
River SP.  But American Canoe Adventures in White Springs does shuttles for
a fee. Call 800-624-8081.

  As far as Eglin goes, and the eastern 1/2 of Eglin has really lovely
hiking, there are a number of Western Gaters who might give you a shuttle if
you arrange with them far enough in advance.  During the holiday season it's
sometimes hard to find anyone at home.

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      I guess I need to decide quickly if we want to do the AF Base.  Is
there anyone that does shuttles up that way?

      I had thought about the big O because we did the east half a few years

       Cricket, were you able to arrange a shuttle on the Suwannee?

      Thanks, to all ya'll,


       Or, you could hike 1/2 of the Big O, no permit required, and a few
other people will be out there doing it too...

      Cheers, Sandy


      Flamingo and I are doing along the Suwannee River between Christmas
and New Years (White Springs to Suwannee River SP or bottom of Twin Rivers
SF, whichever we feel like).
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