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[ft-l] Juniper Creek Trail??

... At least I think that's what it's called!  Is that the trail from
Blackwater Forest to Blackwater State Park?  Last year, I hiked the Jackson
Trail south and got on (I think) the Juniper Creek Trail.  It had two new
shelters.  I wasn't on it all the way to the State Park though.

My question (as opposed to all of the above rambling) is....  Do you think
that trail would be good to take some youngsters?  My nephews are 7 and 5
and my sis and I are interested in taking them on a short backpacking trip.
I don't remember much about it, as far as how kids would like it.  I know
they need to be entertained at times and don't know if this would be good.
Any comments?

Any other places that would be good for kids?  Right now, I'm just
considering the panhandle, since that's where they live.

Thank you!
Wench (Teresa)
Journal updated:  11/21/03
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