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[ft-l] Tyvek

As Mary Pat has already stated, Tom Daniels is selling Tyvek as a
fundraiser in custom lengths. If he runs out, I laways have some around

If that fails, try driving by a local jobsite where they have just
wrapped a house. There are usually enough scraps laying aroung to sew a
couple of tents out of.

That's right, I said sew tents...as in it can be sewn into tents, clothing,
packs, kites, etc. Have fun and let me know if you need some.

Lee I Joe

Pamela Hale wrote:
> As you've no doubt heard from the backcountry chatter, Tyvek home wrap 
> is being used (successfully) for tent footprints, sit-upons, tarps, 
> etc.  It is very durable, waterproof, puncture resistant, machine 
> washable and weighs one-third to one-half less per square foot than 
> visqueen (4-6 mil plastic).
> The only downside I've found so far is that it is only available in 
> large quantities (100 ft rolls) from construction supply places, or 
> through internet sites that sell custom lengths for premium prices. (see 
> http://home.midsouth.rr.com/tyvek/)
> I took the plunge and purchased a roll.  Needless to say I have quite a 
> bit left over, and am willing to part with it cheap.  Width is 9 feet, 
> and I'll sell it for $2.25 per linear foot.  Price includes shipping 
> (CONUS only, regular mail).
> If you are interested, email me directly at this address.
> totemOak
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