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[ft-l] FT trip report(s)

If the water was as high on Econfina Creek as you describe
then the waterfall was probably under water.  IIRC, it was
about 20 feet up on the bank, dropping into the creek. And
that was when the water level was low during the drought.
Sandy probably wouldn't have been able to see it anyway.

The extreme western Apalachicola is normally wet.  The trail
runs through the swampy areas to avoid timber land that is
frequently cut.  I tromped through a lot of ankle-deep areas
and a few knee-deep spots last year.  I can imagine what it
was like for you with all the rain this year.  I'm glad the
pitcher plants weren't drowned so you could see them - they
are plentiful and beautiful in there.  I guess that's one
good thing you can say about marsh walking.  It's really a
shame that even within the National Forest we can't have a
dry hiking trail through nice terrain with a semi-protected
corridor for our trail.