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[ft-l] Backpacking from Alabama

Hi, gang!
Nice to see a trip report from someone out there backpacking. I joined up
with three well-experienced backpackers the past couple days to hike south
from the Alabama border along the FT in Blackwater. Beautiful rolling hills,
numerous drainages where the titi is in fragrant flower. The section of trail
is new so there were quite a few bog bridges, except in one titi swamp where,
after 8 miles of hiking, we got stuck getting our feet wet. The campsite I
had such high hopes for on the Blackwater River turned out to be along a
forest road and filthy with trash, so we pressed on until we finally found a
dry spot to camp on. Went to sleep to the sound of automatic gunfire (not
knowing why or from where) and woke up to the alarming call of a whipoorwill
at dawn, right in the middle of the campsite. Other interesting adventures as
well...but trying to keep this short. Ended our hike at Karick Lake, and
buzzed off for breakfast at a cool little country store in Munson. A good
time had by all: Nomad, Jojo, Doc Buffington and me.

Cheers, Sandy