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[ft-l] Trip report

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Just thought I'd drop a line about a great backpack we did over the weekend=
. Louise Keefe and I did 25 miles in the Citrus Tract in the Withlacoochee =
and it was great. The first day we got there at 3:30 and hiked in during a =
tornado warning and heavy rain 6.5 miles to the campsite, just arriving at =
dusk. The sky cleared up and the stars were great. Next day we lounged unti=
l 10 and hiked 10 miles down to the south campsite. The sinks were neat...r=
ocks, who'd have ever thunk it. The stream south of 481 was running like a =
white water stream with clear pools. We hiked out 8.5 miles to Holder mine =
on the third day. It was a little hot but the shade made it pretty bearable=
. We didn't see people until the third day but not much wildlife either. Th=
e ups and downs are great, some sections remind me of the AT in Virginia. I=
t is a great place to get in a long distance training hike. Too bad the hun=
ters get it in the fall. Also watch for many mosquitos in any wet area...Bu=
t hey, we're from South Florida, it felt like home. Doug