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[ft-l] President's Bush's new forest policy for logging and forest fires

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Let's talk hiking, folks, because we just ain't gonna agree on politics.
**  Amen, Solar Bear!

For example, I hiked along the Captiva Island beach a week ago tonight on a
starry lit sky accompanied by the green glowing sparkles of myriad
bioluminescent plankton washing ashore underfoot on each wave and also tiny
green glowing sand crabs I could watch burrowing into the sand after each
wave. Even the larger ghost crabs displayed a faint green glow as they
skittered to their holes. It was completely magical. Nature displays a rich
finery on night beach walks. I'm addicted.
Happy trails,
Solar Bear

** What a beautiful picture you paint with your words.  I can even smell the
salt air.
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