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[ft-l] President's Bush's new forest policy for logging and forest fires

In a message dated Thu, 12 Sep 2002 4:15:32 PM Eastern Standard Time, jbrya=
nkramer@msn.com writes:

> Do it over 10 years and
> you are talking about $25 billion a year. Where is that
> money going to come
> from?

Being one of the CPAs on this List, I'd venture to guess it would come easi=
ly from the 88+ BILIION trees (using YOUR figures) that would be turned int=
o lumber, paper and wood chips -- and greenhouse gases.

Let's talk hiking, folks, because we just ain't gonna agree on politics.

For example, I hiked along the Captiva Island beach a week ago tonight on a=
 starry lit sky accompanied by the green glowing sparkles of myriad biolumi=
nescent plankton washing ashore underfoot on each wave and also tiny green =
glowing sand crabs I could watch burrowing into the sand after each wave.  =
Even the larger ghost crabs displayed a faint green glow as they skittered =
to their holes.  It was completely magical. Nature displays a rich finery o=
n night beach walks.  I'm addicted.

Happy trails,

Solar Bear