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[ft-l] florida trail

We look forward to seeing you. What approximate date do you think you will
get here? We have a small mini vacation just after Christmas but will be
here otherwise. Pat's parents will be here when we are not so no problem.
Our mailing address is 2085 SW 19th Ln, Okeechobee, FL 34974. We would have
no problem holding any mail drop you may send. Our phone number is (863)
467-5437 home or Pat's work is 462-5100. We live about 8 miles off the
trail. Okeetantie Park is a good  place to call from for a pickup. Look
forward to seeing you. Doug
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>Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you so much for your kind e-mail.  I also read
>about you in the thru-hike package.  If it is alright I would like to stay
>with you guys and send a maildrop there.
>Curtis L. Hillman, Sr.
>Dothan, Al.
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