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[ft-l] Thanks for the Warm Welcome! :)

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Hi again guys (and gals),

I just wanted to thank everyone who sent e-mails and extended such a warm
welcome to me, as a newbie member of the at-l and ft-l hiker list group.
And, for the record, I really was teasing (mostly) when I said that I think
the at-l group seems sort of mean...  I really do love a good debate myself!
 (And, I can even be a bit of a debate instigator sometimes.)  So, just give
me a little more warm up time before I really open my mouth and fully insert
my size 6 1/2 hiking boot for the first time....  (Trust me, it will happen
someday -- I'm famous for that!!!)

Your New Hiking Buddy,

Cheryl aka Swamp Blar