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[ft-l] Hiking for Loners?

Most of the times, hiking my own hikes since 1978, I do not fear the
loneliness. I welcome the trail friendships and acquaintances but I also
grow impatient with either myself or others if we are not hiking to the
groove I have set. I am involved in teaching the outdoor hiking/backpacking
experience to others. In this realm I am able to switch the channel and
become what I think is a good instructor of the lore however if its a hike
that I am doing myself, I prefer to go with either someone who I know or
have pretty good idea about for short distances. For long distance, to be
true to yourself I would never go again with a beginner. I lost several
friends who wanted to start the AT with me, they couldn't understand why I
wouldn't quit because they wanted or had to.

Loner hiking shouldn't be known as "loner". It is always been church for me
to be out there, most of you know what I mean


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My experience of hiking alone is that the only hazard is loneliness.  I did
find, however,  that I was pretty good company for myself.  There is less
fear out on the trail  than in many of our cities.

Kenneth Smith, backpacker since 1968.

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> Hello again.
>     Does anyone have any thoughts on hiking alone? I went for my first
> backpacking trip last summer on the Lost Coast and then part of the PCT,
> everyone was wonderfully helpful to my friend and I (we got turned around
> couple times). But are there any horror stories? Worst-case scenarios? Is
> hiking alone really high risk? Does anyone hike with mace? or anything
> serious? Thanks again
> regards,
>     roland the inquisitive
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