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[ft-l] Blackwater SF

Yes, I have hiked the trails. I have even worked on them.

There are no loops other than a day hiker loop around Bear Lake which does
not appear on very many maps. The loop is only 4 miles, it is there for the
RV campers at Bear Lake to get out of the campground a little without
seriously stretching their legs.

The Western Gate Chapter of the FTA is very active and there are probably
lots of members that would be interested in shuttling you back to your car.
As an alternative, watch the website for an FTA hike in the area. We do them
frequently and there are always cars to get you back to the start.

There are three shelters along the trails in Blackwater. The newest is on
the Juniper Creek Trail which is the connector down to Gulf Breeze.

You might also look at the newest section of the FNST on Eglin AFB, also no
loops, but there are plenty of camping areas.

Lee I Joe

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> Have you hiked the trails?  What do you think of them?  It
> appears, from the
> map that Alex sent the link to, that there isn't a loop, but
> a hike would
> have to be an out and back, unless a hiker was dropped off
> and picked up.
> Is that right?  The website also says there are two shelters along the
> trail.  Really?!?  Have you stayed at the shelters or along
> the trail?  Is
> the area mostly recreational, or are there some more secluded areas?
> Hmmm...  that's it for now...
> :-)
> Teresa
> (Wench)
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> > What do you need to know?
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