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[ft-l] Blackwater SF

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From: "L. Parker" <lparker@cacaphony.net>

> Yes, I have hiked the trails. I have even worked on them.
> There are no loops other than a day hiker loop around Bear Lake which does
> not appear on very many maps. The loop is only 4 miles, it is there for
> RV campers at Bear Lake to get out of the campground a little without
> seriously stretching their legs.

Or for long hikes for 4 and 6 year olds?  I'm going camping with my sister
and her family, and we might be going to Blackwater.  After camping I'd like
to get a few nights out solo (maybe 4 or 5), but I don't really care how
long of a hike.  If we do go to Blackwater, I'll check with them regarding
the trails.

> The Western Gate Chapter of the FTA is very active and there are probably
> lots of members that would be interested in shuttling you back to your
> As an alternative, watch the website for an FTA hike in the area. We do
> frequently and there are always cars to get you back to the start.

Looks like something this weekend!  But I'll be hanging out with da nephews.
:-)  My sis lives in Gulf Breeze, so she's offered to be my shuttler if I
need one.

> There are three shelters along the trails in Blackwater. The newest is on
> the Juniper Creek Trail which is the connector down to Gulf Breeze.

Any info on this trail online?  I half-ast looked...  :-(  I'll look more

> You might also look at the newest section of the FNST on Eglin AFB, also
> loops, but there are plenty of camping areas.

FTA's website doesn't have current info listed (says 'currently a
roadwalk').  Can you point me in the right direction here too?

> Lee I Joe

Thanks Lee I Joe!