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[ft-l] FTA Web Site

In a message dated 7/25/2002 3:46:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time, design@jjw.cc 

> The biggest issue that I've seen with the FTA Web site is lack of direction.
> Someone needs to sit down with whoever and decide what exactly the FTA Web
> site is to be!  Is it just an online flyer for the FTA or is it an
> interactive portal for members to share information?  I believe it should
> follow the FTA mission statement, but have a very defined purpose.  Lack of
> this direction has been it's downfall in the past, IMHO.

How about an explanation of this to the membership?  It seems a disservice 
has been done to some talented hard working individuals.  Does anyone in the 
leadership want to explain why we are paying for something for which 
volunteers are available?

Are we supposed to beg Congress for more money and watch the organization 
waste it?

Long live the spirit of volunteerism!  I will always suspect the motives of a 
paid bureaucracy.

Happy trails,

Solar Bear

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