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[ft-l] FTA Web Site

Geez isn't the word I would have used,

I believe there are several individuals who would still like to contribute
to the FTA Web site.  I've been contributing in a free way for a while now
and would still like to contribute my knowledge of Web design and
programming when needed.  Personally, I have a problem charging non-profit
organizations to design a Web site or install/setup applications.

The biggest issue that I've seen with the FTA Web site is lack of direction.
Someone needs to sit down with whoever and decide what exactly the FTA Web
site is to be!  Is it just an online flyer for the FTA or is it a
interactive portal for members to share information?  I believe it should
follow the FTA mission statement, but have a very defined purpose.  Lack of
this direction has been it's downfall in the past, IMHO.

On a harsh note, I'm both happy and angry to see that the Web site has
changed hosts.  I'm happy because the new host allows the use of a MySQL
database!  This MySQL database opens up many new and exciting possibilities
for the FTA Web site.  But of course, I'm a little angry that it wasn't done
while I was working on the site (geez).  Both Daryl and I would have loved
to have had a MySQL database to work with.  It truly opens up doors to many
PERL/PHP/MySQL solutions.  I'm glad to see that the FTA finally forked out
the money for the site.

Jeff Walters

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> Geez, I'm a paid professional.
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> I wish I knew at site was being redone.
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> As you may have noticed, the FTA web site is going through a transition.
> Some of the links and features are not currently available.  The FTA has
> moved their site to a new ISP host and is now using a paid professional
> the web site.  In the past, the site was created and maintained by Daryl
> Wells, Jeff Walters along with editor Carol Ann.  The office wanted full
> time support of the site by a local Gainesville person, Phillip Haveard,
> from Aries Computing.  My thanks to Jeff and Carol Ann for the hundreds of
> hours they have spent over the last several years.
> Daryl
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