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[ft-l] Need Some Boy Scout help - Trail Segment Recommendation??

One of the places that I have taken Scouts is to Prairie Lakes. That is now
Three lakes WMA.

Also have some options on the Cross Florida Greenway, South of  Ocala, near
where I am.

 Contact me and I will discuss a plan.

Kenneth Smith
Belleview, FL

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Subject: [ft-l] Need Some Boy Scout help - Trail Segment Recommendation??

> Greetings,
> I am a Florida Trail Member, and also an assistant scoutmaster for a Boy
> Scout Troop here in Central Brevard County.  Here's my query:
> The boys want to do a weekend Backpacking trip where we drive in on Friday
> Night - Camp, then pack up and knock down a few miles on the trail, camp
> overnight, finish up early on Sunday and head home.  I'd need about 10 -
> miles for Saturday, and I'd like it to be an interesting trail.  What I
> is, something that takes a little orienteering, or at least paying
> to the FL-T markers for the boys.  Also, although I am a member, the boys
> the troop are not, so that might affect where we can get in to.
> I am lobbying here for some suggestions of trail segments that fit the
> criteria of "good trail, mildly technical, and interesting scenery".
> We typically try to limit our drives to about 2.5 - 3.0 hours max, one
> so that gives us a very wide range of destinations from the Melbourne
> If I have not provided enough info to get a good response, feel free to
> email me and ask for more details.
> Thanks in advance!
> Jerry
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