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[ft-l] Need Some Boy Scout help - Trail Segment Recommendation??


I am a Florida Trail Member, and also an assistant scoutmaster for a Boy
Scout Troop here in Central Brevard County.  Here's my query:

The boys want to do a weekend Backpacking trip where we drive in on Friday
Night - Camp, then pack up and knock down a few miles on the trail, camp
overnight, finish up early on Sunday and head home.  I'd need about 10 - 15
miles for Saturday, and I'd like it to be an interesting trail.  What I mean
is, something that takes a little orienteering, or at least paying attention
to the FL-T markers for the boys.  Also, although I am a member, the boys in
the troop are not, so that might affect where we can get in to.

I am lobbying here for some suggestions of trail segments that fit the basic
criteria of "good trail, mildly technical, and interesting scenery".

We typically try to limit our drives to about 2.5 - 3.0 hours max, one way,
so that gives us a very wide range of destinations from the Melbourne area.

If I have not provided enough info to get a good response, feel free to
email me and ask for more details.

Thanks in advance!