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[ft-l] Our week of hiking - Part 2

Carl & all,
Thanks for the kind comments on our writing. You can catch my essays once in 
a while in The Footprint, when Pete has the room for 'em. And watch for my 
article on an FTA Cumberland Island outing coming up in the Orlando Sentinel 
travel section next month. Rich, however, is the driving force behind most of 
the recent postings to this list...I think hanging out with a writer has 
rubbed off on him! <G> He has a wonderful writing style, honed by writing 
about what he loves to this and other outdoors groups.

Look forward to meeting you at the FTA annual conference. We're willing to do 
the full "Big 360" slide show for the conference and/or chapter meetings 
around the state, talk about the Western Corridor and show off slides of the 
hike. If any program chairs are interested, get in touch. 

Cheers, Sandy (aka Navigator)