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[ft-l] Women's Beginner BP overnight

Pam and I have put together a Women's Only BP Overnight in the Oviedo area.
This is a short trip with emphasis on learning, sharing and seeing new
territory rather than making miles.

Here's the blurb that should appear in the Footprint:
11/17 - 11/18   Sat-Sun
Women Only Backpacking Overnight - Meet at the Barr Street Trailhead at 9 am
on Saturday for a 5-mile backpacking trip through the Little-Big Econ State
Forest.  Hike from Flagler Trail back to Barr Street, spending the night
along the Econ River.  Lunch together at a local restaurant on Sunday.
Bring swimsuit.  Good trip for beginners.

So, if you are a newbie or an old-timer wanting a relaxed weekend, you can
contact me at D_Blick@msn.com or contact Pam at ATFlamingo@hotmail.com for
more info or to register.  No limit on the number of people and no limit on
amount of experience.  We also have a couple of packs and tents we could
loan out if anyone doesn't have them.